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Hello.... It's me!

Hey, hi, hello to all that have found their way to my little slice of beauty heaven!

My name is Ashley and I'm the owner and lead artist of Beauty by Ashley Prins.

If you've stumbled upon my website while looking for a make up artist for your big day, I'm going to give you a few reasons why I'm your girl... (yes, I am this cheesey and I make no apologies).

1. I am a hoot and a half!

My goal is to not only provide you with top notch beauty services for your big day but I am also there to make you laugh and feel comfortable. The goal for the "getting ready" portion of your day is to be happy, mostly calm (where are my anxiety gals at), and having fun with the people you have chosen to stand by your side. SO let's start the wedding day play list and pop the bubbly (for you, def not for me LOL).

2. I aim to make you feel like the best version of you!

Something you'll hear me say often is "Let's go for you but with the volume turned up" .. and I truly mean that! It's easy to get caught up in what we think we should look like for a big Wedding day(Girl, Social media is a doozie) but I want to get to the heart of what makes you feel beautiful. i'm here to listen to what you want and make it come to life on your already Stunning canvas.

3. I love love!

I'm still so in Awe of the fact that I get to be a part of my couples love stories and I never take it for granted.

i celebrate all Love!

I want to make sure you look back at the pictures from your wedding day and feel timelessly beautiful!

In other words, I'm a big ole sap that really loves love and loves doing make up(i cry at weddings no matter who's it is).

So, to wrap it all up in a cheetah print bow...

I hope you enjoy every moment of your planning process and I hope to be able chat with you soon!

Sending you love and Glitter,

Ashley Prins


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